Captain Rafael Ortiz, Retired

Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz

Rafael Ortiz is a retired captain of the Los Angeles County Fire Department as well as a Board Member for Future Firefighters. He is most known for his congenial nature and no-nonsense attitude for getting things done.

Key positions Ortiz has held for 32 years encompass responsible public safety experience in the fire service profession, along with nineteen years as a professional reserve peace officer (POST). Additionally, he has an extensive background in hazardous materials, including biological, radiological and explosives.

He has instructed all manner of subjects and topics for the fire department and is knowledgeable in field exercises, training assessments, and hands-on testing of training programs.

Ortiz has developed organizational charts for response teams in order to orchestrate resources in a manageable manner during times of crisis.  As well, he has extensive experience meeting performance objectives set by Federal and State guidelines.

County of Los Angeles Sheriff Department

Reserve Sheriffs Deputy, 1993 – 2012
The apprehension of criminals, review crime analysis information to better patrol communities and problem-oriented policing issues. Manpower allocation when directed, new trend analysis, traffic enforcement (DUI Check-points), risk-focused prevention on juvenile activities and other areas. Maintaining qualified training mandates. Understanding utilization of grant funded programs to achieve Departments mission and goals both criminal and safety. Listed below are various assignments:

  • (IDT) Industry – Patrol
  • (WAL) Walnut
  • (TSB) Transit Services Bureau
  • (OSS) Operation Safe Streets (Gang Unit)
  • (PCT) Parole Compliance Team a newly established bureau

County of Los Angeles Fire Department, La Habra

Fire Service Profession, Captain assigned in City of La Habra
Responsible for service delivery and implementing emergency medical program. Provide fire protection services in various districts of both Los Angeles County and Orange County. Ensure advanced life support emergency as a paramedic assessment engine company and ambulance service for City of La Habra in Orange County and surrounding areas Fullerton, Brea and La Palma.

County of Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles

Hazardous Materials Coordinator, Captain
Responsibility for the certification and training relating to hazardous materials program for the Department. The coordination with incident commanders as directed by Special Operations Bureau Deputy Chief on any given incident to mitigating issues. Coordinate the purchasing of equipment repairs and services. Conduct research relating to hazardous material and terrorism. Working conjunction with Region 1 Hazardous Materials Teams from San Luis Obispo Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Santa Fe Springs, Orange County and Riverside members.

County of Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles

Training Services Section, Firefighter Specialist
As directed by the Director of Training assigned as Safety Officer having responsibilities on major incidents to ensure public and personnel safety. On-site Facilities Manger coordinating resources to ensure proper allocations have arrived and/or assigned when activated by OES, FIRE SCOPE Region-1. Responsible for the California Firefighters Joint Apprentice Certification Program (CFFJAC) while ensuring funding source through third party for Department recruitment training and promotional levels. Act as liaison with the State Fire Marshal Office for Fire Service Training.

County of Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles

Fire Prevention Section, Petro-Chemicals Unit, Inspector

Responsible for review of State Fire Marshal requirements and mandates relating to the chemical industry on hazardous materials laws and regulations. Inspect a variety of hazardous materials handlers, processing plants, storage facilities and distributors in bulk within the City of Carson. Enforce all Fire Codes violations and report others. Ensure its safety measures are in place and proper fire protection systems are appropriate and compatible. Take all possibly and appropriate safety measures that could affect public safety and its surrounding areas.


CFFJAC Hazardous Materials Advisory Committee 2000 -2005 (CFFJAC)

CFFJAC Hazardous Materials Advisory Committee 2000-2005
Instrumental in the development and implementation of The First Responder: Operations – Terrorism Consequence Management Course Statewide. This course was funded through the Governor’s 15% Discretionary Funds under the Workforce Investment Act. The purpose of the course was to provide California first responders with initial training to respond to act of terrorism and to ensure the safety of the public

State of California Office of Emergency Services, Local Emergency Planning Committee

OES-REGION 1-LEPC Hazardous Materials Sub-Committee 2000-2005

Responsible for the review of a Federal and State Hazardous Materials Laws and Regulations, which could impact not only the state, but our Departments Hazardous Materials Program. Anticipate changes and/or addressing any concerns as a group under the guidance of the OES Chief, Hazardous Materials Division. Efforts among the public and private industry was coordinated to ensure proper response levels were met during catastrophic events. Department of Transportation, Public Works, Water Districts, Rail and commercial arteries.

State of California Fire S.C.O.P.E Committee

Fire SCOPE Hazardous Materials Sub-Committee 2000-2005
As directed by OES, assist in the developing changes requirements in order to better assist departments statewide to acquirer equipment through funding sources. These requirements would meet a variety of federal and state grant programs which would enable organizations to meet various program funding sources for hazardous materials teams and types, type I, II, and II, under the FIRE SCOPE guidelines.

Education & Training

Executive Development Institute, Leadership and Management
University of A & M, Florida, Tallahassee

Special Diploma, Executive Public Administration
University of Dillard Louisiana, New Orleans

Peace office Standards Training (POST), State of California
County of Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Academy

Weapons of Mass Destruction in Biological, Life Science Laboratory
U.S. Army, Dug-ways Proving Grounds,
Salt Lake, Utah

Defense Intelligence Agency, DTRA Terrorist Weapons & Analysis
Joint Intelligence Task Force Combating Terrorism

Department of Homeland Security Focus Group Training and Equipment
Center for Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Army Chemical Depot,
Anniston Alabama.

Department of Homeland Security COBRA Training and Certification
Center for Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Army Chemical Depot,
Anniston Alabama.

Hazardous Materials Specialist
Hazardous Materials & Chemicals Specialist, National Fire Academy

Fire Officer Certification
California State Fire Marshal Office

Captain Rafael Ortiz
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