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Future Firefighters (EIN 81-5338862) supports global young men and women who are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a firefighter, paramedic or emergency medical technician.

Future Firefighters Donation Campaign For 2020 Scholarships

Will you help us?

We are raising funds for our 2020 Future Firefighters scholarships.

Click the donate button above and donate an amount noted below. Rewards will be fulfilled in Jan and Feb 2018.

Visit our past Future Firefighters scholarship recipients.


$10 donation: Email thank you from Future Firefighters

$50 donation: Email and thank you card from Future Firefighters to all who donate $50 and above.

$500 donation: Future Firefighters sponsor credit on website to all donors $250 and above



Are you able to volunteer a few hours per month in support of Future Firefighters?

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can help with various projects and events, such as the annual Future Firefighters benefit held in conjunction with the Los Angeles marathon.

And if you live anywhere in the world, there are a number of ways your support would be welcome, including the following:

  • Fundraising phone calls
  • Letter writing and community outreach
  • Social media promotion and management
  • App development
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Copywriting, blogging, or editing
  • Graphic design, photography
  • Marketing or branding assistance
  • Video creation
  • Virtual assistance, staff support

“Your progress is my reward.” Roland Dykes, retired firefighter and founder of Future Firefighters.