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Future Firefighters Scholarships

Future Firefighters provides scholarships (age 17 and above in any country) in four educational categories:

  • Fire Academy training
  • Paramedic training
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

Scholarships and Financial Aid are paid directly to your local training facility.

Funds are raised primarily through corporate/private donations and fundraising events. Granting of scholarships/financial aid is dependent upon organization’s available funds.

Important Scholarship Dates

Deadlines for scholarships/financial aid submissions, prior to announcements:

  • January 31 (for Feb 16 award)
  • July 2 (for Aug 15 award)

Scholarships/financial aid awards are announced two times per year:

  • February 16
  • August 15

Applications received after a deadline will be included in the next review process.

Scholarship Application Process

START: Pre-register below with your name/email

Immediately after pre-registration you will be able to download these documents:

  • Future Firefighters Scholarship Instructions and Requirements
  • Future Firefighters Scholarship/Financial Aid Application
  • Future Firefighters Captain’s Verification Form


  1. Complete Scholarship/Financial Aid Application (include your local training facility)
  2. Visit your local fire station and have Captain fill out Captain’s Verification Form
  3. Interview a firefighter with 5 of your own questions
  4. Write a 100-200 word essay on why you want to be a firefighter

After pre-registration, you will also receive the FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS CONNECTION, which is an ongoing email service that features updates on Future Firefighters programs, activities and scholarship opportunities, as well as ongoing information about firefighting and becoming a firefighter.

Scholarship Submission Requirements

Here is what you need to mail to Future Firefighters to be eligible for a scholarship/financial aid:

  1. Completed Scholarship/Financial Aid Application (include your local training facility)
  2. Completed Captain’s Verification Form (from your local fire station visit)
  3. Five of your own questions and answers (from your local fire station visit and firefighter interview)
  4. 100-200 word essay on why you want to be a firefighter

Mail Your Scholarship Requirements to:

PO Box 9276
Alta Loma, CA 91701-8276

Scholarship Selection Process

  • Each application will be reviewed by the Future Firefighters selection committee
  • Awards will be based on criteria above, as well as scholarship funds available to our foundation
  • If an applicant is not awarded a scholarship, he/she may re-submit

Scholarship Recipients

Visit the following link to view recent scholarship recipients.


Submission of application does not guarantee a scholarship or financial aid.