March 24, 2019 – Los Angeles: Today about 50 volunteers with Future Firefighters (along with thousands of other volunteers) started their day early to arrive at Dodger’s Stadium by 3:00 am, which was their staging area prior to distributing themselves along the LA Marathon route to support the runners with refreshments.

The last volunteers left the staging area by 4:30 am to set up tables with water to provide the passing marathon runners. After the marathon went by their respective Future Firefighters water station, the volunteers loaded up their trucks for the drive back to Dodgers Stadium before unloading and heading home.

Future Firefighters founder, Roland Dykes, expressed his appreciation, “On behalf of the Future Firefighters board of directors, ‘thank you’ to all our volunteers and to the organizers of the Skechers Performance LA Marathon for our fourth consecutive year of collaboration to serve the community.”

Individual volunteers aged from 16 to 70 years old helped as well as groups of students from multiple Fire Science programs across L.A. County, including: Santa Ana, El Camino, Mt. San Antonio, and Rio Hondo.

In spite of the early hours, a number of volunteers expressed enjoyment about their involvement in one of the largest marathons in the United States, with more than 24,000 participants, thousands of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The historic race, which has seen unprecedented growth since introducing the iconic “Stadium to Sea” course, draws runners from all over the world to take a tour of Los Angeles running past every major landmark.

Athletes from all 50 states and more than 67 countries set out from Dodger Stadium to accomplish a personal dream of reaching the Finish Line in Santa Monica.

Jomarr French, a retired firefighter, long-time Future Firefighters supporter and first-time driver for this year’s LA Marathon said, “I didn’t know what to expect, but I had a good time!”

Drivers need to be 18 years old and are paired with another volunteer to help them navigate their 18-foot trucks from Dodger Stadium along the marathon route and via all the nearby closed roads, to support the additional volunteers at each water station.

Bobby Lumas, a San Bernadino Sheriff Academy student, past Future Firefighters Explorer and a third-year volunteer said, “This is an inspiring event and I’ll help in the future as long I’m able.”

Money collected by the LA Marathon administration is distributed to numerous local nonprofit organizations, including Nonprofit Fire, in exchange for their volunteer support of the event.

Future Firefighters Board Member, Belein Rivera said, “This event is not only a great way to participate in such a renown international event, the proceeds help Future Firefighters support our programs of supplying scholarships to students who wish to study firefighting.”

Future Firefighters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports potential firefighters and teenage boys and girls around the world through three primary areas:

  • Granting U.S.A. and international scholarships/financial aid for firefighter and certification classes
  • Offering multi-national, youth engagement opportunities in coordination with fire departments in different countries
  • Providing educational and participatory programs and activities through regarding careers in firefighting and acquiring various firefighting certifications
Future Firefighters at the 2019 LA Marathon
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