Ralph Ortiz, Nigel Capon, Belen Rivera and Roland Dykes
Ralph Ortiz, Nigel Capon, Belen Rivera and Roland Dykes

President of Future Firefighters, Roland Dykes, welcomed New Zealand firefighters Dave Nyman, Daniel and Nigel Capon to Los Angeles. The meeting was held to better foster global community firefighting ties.

The firefighters were presented certificates of merit and friendship, while offering a reminder of global firefighting camaraderie, independent of national borders.

Both Daniel and Nigel come from a line of firefighters in their family, marking a 3rd generation in the New Zealand fire service.

Additionally, over the course of a week, the firefighters visited the Los Angeles Fire Museum and other destinations.

Dykes has made it his mission to strive for an international community of firefighters who not only make the distance between themselves shorter but also work together to strengthen individual training. This event was preceded by an earlier visit to New Zealand where Dykes, along with a host of youth, visited their country to both forge bonds and explore the fundamental meanings of fire service, regardless of the host country.

Furthermore, the earlier bonds fostered positive growth for the Future Firefighters youth participants. Dykes stated that “Unity in these matters is a cornerstone of the the fire service.”

Future Firefighters Fostering International Firefighter Relations
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