Future Firefighters ScholarshipsThree students have been selected as recipients of the Future Firefighters August 2018 scholarships.

Award-winning retired firefighter and Founder of Future Firefighters, Roland Dykes said: “The Future Firefighters Board of Directors and myself thank all those who submitted scholarship applications. Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are part of the backbone of their communities. Here at Future Firefighters we consider it an honor to support some of those who wish to help others through the fire service.”

The Future Firefighters August 2018 Scholarship Recipients Are:


Ashley Hubbard
Ashley Hubbard

1. Ashley Hubbard, St. Petersburg, FL.
Ashley Hubbard is the recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship to attend Manatee Technical College Fire Academy in Bradenton, FL. Hubbard states, “To finally have the opportunity to become a firefighter would change my life drastically. I have always felt that this career was something that was built for me and I won’t stop trying until I reach my goal because my work ethics and compassion won’t allow it. I’ve always viewed fire service personnel as the most respected public figures in my community and I’m more then ready to join. Receiving the scholarship means everything to me and my dream is that much closer to becoming a reality.”


Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng

2. Ryan Ng, Oakland, CA.
Ryan Ng is the recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship to attend Chabot College in Hayward, CA. Ng states, “This scholarship will help put me through the EMS courses and first responder classes at Chabot this semester. Chabot also has California accredited Fire Tech and Safety courses and this scholarship will help pay for my following semesters there. I won’t have to stress about paying for my units and textbooks, and I’ll spend more quality time on absorbing the content and material these courses offer!”


Braedan Yount
Braedan Yount

3. Braedan Yount, Liberty, MO.
Braedan Yount is the recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship to attend Metropolitan Community College Blue River in Independence, MO. Yount states, “The scholarship will help me afford the Fire Academy while also working a part-time job, without the added stress of student loans and the possibility of unforeseen expenses.”


Future Firefighters Scholarship

Future Firefighters offers scholarships in the winter and summer of each year. These scholarships are for firefighter training and Emergency Medical Services training and are open to candidates from around the world.

The recipients of Future Firefighters scholarships are based upon practical, hands-on activity, personal initiative and an ability to express oneself cogently, all skills that are necessary to professional firefighters.

Potential recipients are required to visit a local fire department, set up an interview with a firefighter and get the Fire Station Captain to confirm their visit.

Applicants are also required write an essay about “Why They Want To Become A Firefighter.”

Future Firefighters then verifies the applicant submissions with their local fire station’s captain, as well as the training facility of their choice.

Future Firefighters provides scholarships (age 17 and above) in four areas:

  • Fire Academy training
  • Paramedic training
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

To learn more about Future Firefighter scholarships, visit the following link: FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS SCHOLARSHIPS.

To support Future Firefighter scholarships, please visit “DONATE TO FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS.”

Future Firefighters Scholarship Awards – August 2018