Future Firefighters Scholarships

Several students have been selected as recipients of the Future Firefighters February 2020 scholarships.

Award-winning retired firefighter and founder of Future Firefighters, Roland Dykes said: “The Future Firefighters Board of Directors and myself thank all those who submitted scholarship applications. Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are part of the backbone of their communities. Here at Future Firefighters, we consider it an honor to support some of those who wish to help others through the fire service.”

The Future Firefighters February 2020 Scholarship Recipients Are:

Holly Clark, Richmond, B.C., Canada. Holly is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship at Training Division Fire Academy in Crowley, TX. Holly states, “After graduating high school in 2018, I knew that I wanted to find a career that I felt passionate about…and not for only the short-term but for life! I have always been a hands-on type who relishes being busy, being in the middle of the action and always helping others. To be a firefighter one must be physically and mentally fit, and I’ve been working hard to achieve this. I know a few firefighters and they spoke of the great rewards and challenges that come with this career. I was putting my dream on hold because of financial barriers, and when I received the news that I was chosen, I cried! The gift that I have received from Mr. Dykes and Future Firefighters has allowed me to start on this amazing journey. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to say that 2020 IS my year! I look forward to completing my studies in Texas, taking some additional courses locally to supplement my education, and to work as hard as I can, and to do whatever I must, to become a female fire fighter…. not just a good one… But a GREAT one.”


Mathew Hartman, St. Augustine, FL. Mathew is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship to be used at First Coast Technical College in St. Augustine, FL. Mathew wrote, “For many years, I have had a desire to pursue a career in the fire service industry and a passion to serve my community. This year, my family took a leap of faith by enrolling in fire school to pursue this passion. Without the generous financial support of the Future Firefighters scholarship committee, I would not be able to pursue my fire school education without the constant stress of the finances involved. I am so grateful to Future Firefighters as they are helping make this dream a reality for me and my family. I am excited to graduate and become the best firefighter I can be!”


Imuneq Johnson, St. Petersburg, FL. Imuneq is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship at St. Petersburg College Firefighting Academy. Imuneq states, “Being a firefighter has always been my passion. I enjoy helping people. This opportunity for the future will allow me to give back to my community and show young ladies that they can be anything they want to be.”


Heath Matysek-Snyder, San Diego, CA. Heath is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship for Heartland Fire Training in El Cajon, CA. Heath wrote, “Thank you and the board at Future Firefighters again so much for choosing to award me a scholarship! I am super, super appreciative of your generous support of me and also of other fledgling firefighters.”


Hunter Neal, Whitwell, TN. Hunter is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship at Tennessee Fire Codes Academy in Bell Buckle, TN. Hunter states, “This scholarship will allow me to get further training and grow my knowledge in the fire service. With this scholarship, I will attend Tennessee Fire Codes Academy to get my Firefighter One and Firefighter Two certifications. Out of this, I will be able to get a firefighter job to better serve my community.”


Future Firefighters Scholarships

Future Firefighters provide scholarships in the winter and summer of each year. These scholarships are for firefighter training and Emergency Medical Services training and are open to candidates from around the world.

The recipients of Future Firefighters scholarships are based upon practical, hands-on activity, personal initiative and an ability to express oneself cogently, all skills that are necessary to professional firefighters.

Potential recipients are required to visit a local fire department, set up an interview with a firefighter and get the Fire Station Captain to confirm their visit.

Applicants are also required to write an essay about “Why They Want To Become A Firefighter.”

Future Firefighters then verifies the applicant submissions with their local fire station’s captain, as well as the training facility of their choice.

Future Firefighters provides scholarships (age 17 and above) in four areas:

  • Fire Academy training
  • Paramedic training
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

To learn more about Future Firefighter scholarships, visit the following link: FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS SCHOLARSHIPS.

To support Future Firefighter scholarships, please visit “DONATE TO FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS.”

Future Firefighters Scholarships February 2020