Future Firefighters Scholarships

Several students have been selected as recipients of the Future Firefighters February 2022 scholarships.

Award-winning retired firefighter and founder of Future Firefighters, Roland Dykes said: “The Future Firefighters Board of Directors and myself thank all those who submitted scholarship applications. Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are part of the backbone of their communities. Here at Future Firefighters, we consider it an honor to support some of those who wish to help others through the fire service.”

The Future Firefighters February 2022 Scholarship Recipients Are:

Mathew Arroyo of Walnut, CA received a Future Firefighters scholarship and states: “I am currently in Mt San Antonio College’s Fire Academy. The duration of the academy is from February 14th – June 12th. Because of the extreme nature of the academy and the intensive physical activity that comes along with it, I will not be able to work. This scholarship will help me out tremendously because I cannot work. I do still have bills to pay for rent, car bills, utility bills and more. If selected for this scholarship I will not have to worry about the stress of all these bills and be able to focus on giving my undivided attention during the academy.”

John Gallegos of Lubbock, TX received a Future Firefighters scholarship for Wolffoth Fire Academy. “The Future Firefighter Scholarship would be a huge help to me as an individual, to my family, and our future. I am in need of financial assistance for the tuition for my schooling and training to become the full-time firefighter that I strive to be. The financial assistance from Future Firefighters would help me with tuition, but also help propel me on the journey to obtain the knowledge gained through the academy to not just be a firefighter but carry out duties safely. This scholarship is important to me as a future firefighter, and for me to become the best version of myself for the support of my family and our future. I plan on using this scholarship to not just cover the cost of my training but see it as the opportunity opened to be an impact on my community, my family, fellow teammates, and myself to always strive for bettering the lives of those around me.”

Juanita Mendoza, of Tampa, FL. Juanita is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship for Hillsboro Community College Fire Academy. Juanita wrote, “Thank you so much for this opportunity. This is the most important thing for me right now and I am determined to complete the academy. This has been my dream for a long time and without this “future firefighters scholarship” I wouldn’t be able to achieve this goal that I have been fighting for for so long. I am so in love with this career that I am even volunteering for my local fire department until I get the opportunity to go back to school.”

TylerTitle, of Napa, CA. Tyler is a recipient of a Future Firefighters scholarship at Butte Fire Academy, in Oroville, CA. Tyler states, “This scholarship will enable me not only to put some money towards my next academy which will help me go further with my education, but this will also lead me towards higher learning opportunities and a higher ability to provide great service in my future fire department. It will also help me in the now as the expenses of the equipment such as the SCBA we have recently had to rent and the overall cost of the educational side of the academy have been on my mind consistently throughout my time. However, with this scholarship, I am able to focus more on my studies and bring all of my attention to being the best firefighter I could possibly be.”

Bright Ngambi [information pending]

Lynda Allen [information pending]

Future Firefighters Scholarships

Future Firefighters provide scholarships in the winter and summer of each year. These scholarships are for firefighter training and Emergency Medical Services training and are open to candidates from around the world.

The recipients of Future Firefighters scholarships are based upon practical, hands-on activity, personal initiative and an ability to express oneself cogently, all skills that are necessary to professional firefighters.

Potential recipients are required to visit a local fire department, set up an interview with a firefighter and get the Fire Station Captain to confirm their visit.

Applicants are also required to write an essay about “Why They Want To Become A Firefighter.”

Future Firefighters then verifies the applicant submissions with their local fire station’s captain, as well as the training facility of their choice.

Future Firefighters provides scholarships (age 17 and above) in four areas:

  • Fire Academy training
  • Paramedic training
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

To learn more about Future Firefighter scholarships, visit the following link: FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS SCHOLARSHIPS.

To support Future Firefighter scholarships, please visit “DONATE TO FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS.”

Future Firefighters Scholarships February 2022