Future Firefighters Scholarships

You’ve only got a few weeks left to submit your application for the next scholarship and financial aid offering.

Future Firefighters provides scholarships (age 17 and above) to individuals around the world to help them become Emergency Medical Technicians and Firefighters.  The scholarships are offered in the following four educational categories and the scholarships are paid to the nearest training facility in your geographical area:

  • Fire Academy training
  • Paramedic training
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

We offer the scholarship/financial aid twice per year with the following applications deadlines each year:

  • January 31 (for Feb 16 award)
  • July 2 (for Aug 15 award)

If you are interested in applying for the opportunity to possibly receive a scholarship or financial aid for this year, you’ll want to visit the following link to download and submit your application forms right away, which includes visiting your local fire station.

Roland Dykes
Founder, Future Firefighters
Los Angeles, CA

Scholarship Applications Due
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